How trees might be stranger than you think in C-band.

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Fig 1: ESA’s Sentinel1 radar satellite


In my last article, I wrote about how being able to accurately estimate forest biomass at scale is an important contribution toward a sustainable, carbon neutral future. Now I’m going to share some ideas we are exploring at True Analytics how we might approach this problem.

We’ve been exploring satellite data for some times, both in optical and microwave bands from multiple missions, mainly from the ESA’s Copernicus programme [1]. We plan to use these data as input features to predict the amount of Above Ground Biomass (AGB) within a 1-hectare area, anywhere within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)[2]…

What it is and why it’s a crucial tool in the fight against climate change

A dense tropical forest canopy in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand.
A dense tropical forest canopy in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand.
A dense forest canopy in Thailand

Ever wonder how much carbon is locked inside all the trees when you trek through dense jungle?

Ok, that’s probably not what comes to mind for most people walking through jungle. But for me, apart from enjoying the vista along the trail, questions like this as well as other nerdy questions — the current elevation, type of forest I’m looking at, explanations for a strange rock formation over there, etc., often come up. Recently I’ve been working in a project where I get a chance to answer this exact question — how much carbon is stored in the forest. …

I’m a new comer to Dart programming language, and the async-await pattern in modern languages in general. So here are some visualisations that explain how it works under the hood for Dart newbies like me.

Since my background is mainly from the Java6 and Python. I’m used to doing asynchronous programming the “old school” ways of creating a thread pool and submitting a job to it, or creating a thread object, overriding its run() method and starting it. You know, the “fun” stuff. So the concept of async-await and handling of the corresponding Future object was a bit confusing to…

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